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The New Vegan Times receives news of so many companies in the USA and the world and very  few of them received our team acceptance. Recently, we saw a wonderful advertisement for a vegan t-shirt and we thought it would be nice to see their site…and what we saw actually got our attention. There were original ideas, simple and basic pics…and yes, yes, they care about animals! That got us into wanting to know more about this company. We kept asking, where did they came from? How long have they been in the market etc.etc. And just a few days ago, we had the chance to connect with them. What you are about to read is their story. Wild Dreams Clothing is a young company with an amazing team and we would like to invite you to visit their site, and see if  indeed this is a fantastic company worth to support! We think you would love it!

  1. We want to the person. Tell us who you are? Who are the individuals behind the business?

Wild Dreams Clothing was founded by two young and energetic individuals. George Caruthers, a 23 year old entrepreneur. “I was in the military(army) for 3 and a half years and was discharged honorably. I grew up in Seaside, CA and have had a goal of changing the world since I was very young. When I was told about the idea of Wilde Dreams Clothing while I was overseas I was completely hooked on the idea of “buying with a purpose. I am a vegan and am vocal about animal rights. I wish to change the way people think. I want to live in a world where everyone values life”.



The second founder is Stephanie Caruthers. “I grew up in San Lorenzo, CA. I have always had a passion for animals growing up way before I knew their troubles. I also served 3 and a half years in the military. It was in the service that I realized that I was ready to achieve my true potential and work to save animals worldwide. My dream is to be able to change the world within my lifetime. We recently were awakened to veganism and since then we have learned the first step to helping animals and the environment is to stop contributing to business that are destroying the environment and animals”.



photos of the $2000~ of military gear that WDC donated to anti-poaching rangers in South Africa in June.

  1. How did you arrive to the concept of a Wilde Dreams Clothing?

The concept came from a shopping experience. I had always seen animal print or animals on t-shirts or clothing and I thought to myself “They are using these images of animals, but how many of them truly care about them? How many people are donating back to these animals that are going extinct because of our actions?” That is when knew I had to do something myself.


BTW…have you noticed what % of this company goes BACK into animal programs??? …not 10%, nor 40%…it is an incredible HIGH number…see it for yourself!


  1. Cruelty free fashion is extremely important for you. How much of an impact have you seen since you started your business?

The impact that we make by supporting cruelty free fabric is that we save lives every day when we choose compassionate alternatives. And when other business see that they too can operate cruelty free, they will also make the switch, shifting the power away from inhumane practices and into the hands of individuals who want to do the right thing.





Wild Dreams Clothing are selling1000 bracelets to help raise awareness for animal and environmental issues around the globe. This is a pic of what it looks like…


Hey guys, this is a good cause. We should ALL support it.

  1. What have been the most difficult part of running Wilde Dreams Clothing (lessons you have learned).

The most difficult part of running Wilde Dreams Clothing is getting people to accept the true horrors that animals go through and then getting them to take action. We have to explain to people that despite what they have been told their entire lives, animals do want to live and they do want freedom. It’s a hard fight but it is one we will fight for and one that we will win.

  1. Which five cities in the USA are your products BEST received.

We have done very well in the area in and around Berkeley, CA. There is a movement there to create the first vegan city, in the US (maybe in the world).

  1. Do you work / or, have you ever partner with vegan entrepreneurs? If yes, who.

Our first vegan partnership is the newly opened Berkeley Animal Rights center in Berkeley, CA. They are the first animal rights center in the US and will be the hub for vegans and animal rights activists (like ourselves) for years to come.

  1. Veganism / organic issues have been on the market for a few years now, how do you see it today?

Since we have only been vegan for the last few months, only becoming aware of its reach and growing popularity as we were exiting the military, I can only say where we are now. At this point in time I feel like veganism is at a critical stage. In the recent future you will see these issues grow exponentially. Veganism will be a mainstream issue.  We are waking up to the truth.

  1. What are the future plans for Wilde Dreams Clothing? (USA and Abroad)

I would want the Wilde Dreams brand to be at the forefront of animal rights. We want to use our entrepreneurial power to empower the animal rights community and support the movement. Our goal is to see this movement to animal liberation and true freedom of all sentient beings on this planet. We plan to become a pivotal tool in creating a vegan world. Next year will be upgrading our website to allow vendors to sell their designs and donate proceeds to organizations that help animals and save the environment. We plan to host large festivals that can be a way to further animal rights into the realm of popular culture.



Thank You George and Stephanie Caruthers!!!!!





Wilde Dreams Clothing is clothing the revolution to a world where all animals are free.



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