What are you thankful for?

As we all know, November is the month that in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving. Following on that tradition we start this post and highlight moments to which we feel very appreciative in our world. But we want to challenge you to pause for a moment and start thinking about your life. Start meditating on how 2017 has been for you. Realize that we all live facing the same challenges: life, food, shelter and love. Has this year, giving you sad and happy moments? Have you been able to achieve the dream of your home, better diet, and a healthy life? If you answer YES, to any of those questions you certainly can say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

At The New Vegan Times we celebrate another year writing about what is more dear to us: animals, health, fitness and vegan lifestyle.

It is worth mentioned some of the individuals that have helped us along this path. Each one of you play an integral part of our success. To you we have to say: THANKS!

Finally, we want to remind you that we start this month with a happy reminder.

Happy Vegan Day!



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