Veganism is more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

To put it simply, a Vegan does not consume any animal product or animal bi-product.

Sounds weird -using the word “product”. But that’s how our society has made animals today –products.

As a Vegan, you also refrain from buying leather, wool etc.

It’s sad, but we’ve even changed our wordage -for example- “leather” when in reality it’s “cow skin”. People have created these disconnects to make money, and, become numb to the torturing of animals. Because let’s face it “cow skin jackets” wouldn’t sell on Rodeo Drive.

Some people become Vegan because of health reasons, some become vegan for the animals as a voice and many become reason for the environment. Whatever your reason(s) may be, we’re glad you’re interested.

It’s important to make the connection.

Make the connection by watching various videos here or other sources online to make sure you understand the importance of this lifestyle.¬†You’re making major changes for animals, the environment and yourself!

Apart from what everyone has told you, it’s important to make that personal connection with why you’re wanting to change.

Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

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