We are summarizing the key points we found out in a FANTASTIC report written BY Plant Based News, and it confirms what for the last few years we have been talking. Veganism is on the rise, not just the USA but also around the globe. We first noticed in Latin America and then in Africa AND by Europe.

We love their results, so without further delay—- let’s see the key points of this report:

  1. 70 per cent of the world’s population is ditching meat

“A brand new piece of research by insight company GlobalData shows an exciting worldwide trend – claiming that almost three quarters of the global population is actively reducing, or totally cutting out meat altogether, and replacing it with plant protein.

“Thanks to a new focus on flavor, innovative and exotic vegetable dishes are emerging to dial up craveability. As a result, more and more consumers are embracing this new way of eating.”

Indeed plant-based foods are finding their way onto restaurant menus and shop shelves, including pea protein, nut cheeses and soya-based meat alternatives.”

  1. Veganism has exploded by 360 per cent in Great Britain over the last decade

What a difference it makes every new generation. Ten years ago, people in Brittain were ok with meat alternatives. Today’s market is different. With no recent official polling in place, last year The Vegan Society teamed up with Vegan Life magazine to undertake the most extensive survey to date in order to find out how many vegans there are (over the age of 15) in Great Britain.

Official stats put the number at least 542,000 – a whopping 360 per cent increase on the 150,000 of 10 years before – making veganism the country’s fastest growing lifestyle movement.

Jasmijn de Boo, who was CEO of The Vegan Society at the time of polling, said: “To have over half a million vegans in Britain is fantastic.

“More people than ever before are acting upon the health and environmental benefits of veganism, and finding out what really goes on in the meat and dairy industries and deciding they do not want to contribute to the pain and suffering of animals.”

3.In only 3 years from today — The global meat-alternative market will reach $5.2 billion



Another 2016 report by a market research firm shows the massive interest in animal-free products, with Allied Market Research predicting that in just three short years the global meat-alternative market will reach a massive $5.2 billion.

At the time the research was undertaken, Europe was the biggest marketplace for these products, generating 39 per cent of the global revenue.


More people are reaching for veggie burgers

4. In two more years – The global non-dairy milk market is predicted to reach nearly $11 billion

In addition, a 2011 study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that dairy milk drink sales had halved since the 1980s.

Now the plant-milk sector is poised to hit almost $11 billion by 2019 according to a report from BCC Research – up from $5.8 billion in 2014.

BCC Research analyst Shalini Dewan said: “More consumers may be choosing plant-based options either because of personal preference or because of recommendations from health or nutrition professionals. Consumers continue to seek plant-based beverages. More consumers are turning to milk alternatives including soya

  1. 92 per cent of Vegan products grew in Australia

report by Mintel market analysts earlier this year showed a truly heartwarming 92 per cent rise in the number of products labeled as ‘vegan’ when compared to last years results.

Laura Jones, Trend and Innovation Consultant at Mintel, said: “Although Australia is still one of the largest meat eating populations globally, health and environmental concerns, along with cost have changed Australians’ attitudes when it comes to meat consumption.

“Australians have become more mindful in recent years of the amount of meat and the frequency of which they eat meat.”



  1. UK Plant-based foods sales are up 1,500 per cent in the last year

Last year saw a truly impressive rise in the number of vegan food sales – with epic 1,500 growth.

The trend was put down to both an increase in the number of people following a vegan diet as well as more people following the ‘flexitarian’ trend and cutting down on their meat intake.


In short, you need to realized that VEGANISM is not only growing but is expected to become a standard in all supermarkets, in all restaurants, in all continents. Not longer people can assume that vegans are just a few caring people. Not longer can businesses can ignore people’s choice. And clearly, the world es choosing plant-based OPTIONS as a viable alternative to eating meat. Thanks!


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