This month we are bringing an amazing Vegan fitness model from Australia! Please welcome Crissi Carvalho!

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  1. How veganism impacted your mental health and physical health in the long run?

As a wholefood vegan, it has helped me with so many ailments of the past I was experiencing.

Now not to confuse, Veganism is about animal rights and essentially one can be Vegan on a diet of fried potato chips and coke cola which of course, if I follow purely just the ethical living of being a vegan I wouldn’t now be in such good health.

By adopting a wholefood vegan lifestyle 4-5 years ago, I also gained my total health back. I was suffering at 37 bloating, acne, mood swings, anxiety and migraines plus the middle age spread was starting to take over!


  1. What was the turning point that made you become vegan?

For me I started as plant-based, then after watching many documentaries it became a clear I NEVER wanted to contribute to animal suffering, incarceration and therefore vowed I would spend any money on animal products ever again.


  1. When did you know you wanted to become a vegan model?

To be a Vegan fitness model was never even a thought in my mind, I purely wanted to go back into the fitness industry and do a competition to get back into shape.

Vegan Models

However I wasn’t quite sure if being a vegan would make it attainable to build muscle and get lean, so therefore I became my own experiment. With years of prior fitness industry experience and some earlier competitions in my 20s, I combined my old knowledge with my new plant-based knowledge. There were a few high protein vegan bikini-fitness models, but I love my carbs and unprocessed foods which is why I had to gain experience and knowledge and refine it all.


  1. Who was the person that has inspire you the most?

Oh I personally am not inspired by anyone, but me- truly my passion, is my cause in helping save animal lives and also helping people by getting their health back and enjoy life. All life.


  1. What is your training routine-current?

I literally move everyday, twice a day if I can because I love it. To breakdown my training it looks like this; 4-5 days a week of body weight calisthenics workouts, 2 leg days of weights, 2-3 reformer Pilates, 1 yoga class per week, walking outdoors as often as I can make it.


  1. Tell us about your current diet (macros , cheat days?)

Macros vary depending if I’m off/in season preparation for a comp.

My ratios are anywhere from 70.15.15 to 60.30.10. I don’t have cheat days or meals, I call these LOVE meals as we must love the food we put in the body, not feel guilty or have a punishment label attached to foods. It works a treat looking at it like this, I usually have 2x love meals per week

  1. What advice can you give for aspiring vegan body models?

Stick to whole-food, don’t buy into the low carb, processed or high protein diets. Also, supplements are not required if eating wholefoods, nature supplies us with all the nutrients we need.

  1. Veganism in America is just beginning. Any suggestions/advise that you can share with us?

Vegan Model Crissi Caravallo - achaincolour

Oh, around 60-70% of my clients are from the USA…yay!

The more role models for Veganism the more a positive outlook on our message will received. This year I have been shocked that close to 50-60% of my clients are non-vegans, and of my bikini model competitors its around 80% were omnivores or vegetarian. This tells me, my message and my journey is helping people trust that Veganism is also good for them, the earth and the animals.

  1. What would you like to be working with? tell us about your future plans?

Oh now you have got me started! I have just moved into my NEW premises and opened Vegan Fitness Model Head Quarters!! Here will be my offices, have a full calisthenics gym, aerial fitness, my Vegan Fitness Foods, Vegan Fitness Body clothing shop and Vegan Supplements. My big project for 2017 is the first International Vegan Fitness Conference & Retreat; I will be launching this soon J

Oh, and lastly to publish my next book!

Vegan Fitness Book


  1. Your final thoughts. Here is your chance ….

I believe to get the people of the world to listen to us and adopt this lifestyle, protect and give animals rights we need to be a POSITIVE force and lead by example of how amazing it is.

When we feel great, we need no convincing others that this is how we are meant to live.

I have helped over the past few years, so hundreds of people adopt this lifestyle, their families, and their friends are also taking note and making changes.

Thanks and we are really happy you are being part of The New Vegan Times!



Thank you!! Lets rock this world with positive vegan vibes!!

Below you will find several samples of the work that Crissi offers on her website. We encourage you to visit and to participate. There are excellent packages for all!

Gold Vegan Fitness Model

Please don’t forget to visit Crissi’s Blog page!


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