Vegan Fast Food in America

This is just another one of the many goals that VEGANS have been asking for several years. Yes, the OPTION to go to any town in America and be able to eat at a fast food place that caters to our life style. We think that the timing is perfect. More and more companies are realizing the potential that exists within this segment of the market population. Vegans are growing at a steady level and the indicators tell us that will spike in a few years from now.

The next generation of Americans are becomingly health as well as environmentally responsible which will significantly impact society. A ten year impact sometimes is overlook by society as a whole, but it is a potential of business growth to those who are with the eyes well open. One cannot be blind to even political events mentioned by individuals like Bernie Sanders, or Ocasio-Cortez who are openly addressing environmentally issues. Significantly events are being address by a younger generation of Americans who care for what is going on.

So, if you are one of those individuals that is keeping with trends we are sure you must be happy to see that MAJOR chain restaurants have began the process to ADD (at a slow rate), new OPTIONS. One of those options is for VEGAN lovers. Yes, places like TACO Bell, are expanding.

Locally we have seeing small restaurants that are adding a vegan Burger (Beyond Meat), or a vegan selection. We expect a growing number of fast food chains to move in that direction. Wee congratulate all for doing so, and we will issue a special section dealing telling you which companies have done so by mid 2019.

In the meantime, it is worth mentioning that a few brave entrepreneurs are already working in developing their own fast food chain that is 100% vegan. Sounds fantastic and The New Vegan Times will be there to promote such companies. As in the past, our goal is to help, to make a difference in today’s society by bringing you the latest news, trends in the vegan world.

Just like any other field, we are not alone. We depend on you – our subscribers – to help us. So, if you have a great story, or you want to tell the world how vegan restaurants are changing your community, please feel free to share that with us. We love to hear from you-the public.

Would you eat at Casa De Carne?

It sounds exotic, upmarket, and even stylish, the perfect place to dine with friends. But what if you excitedly ordered the baby back ribs and then were faced with killing the owner of those ribs yourself? Not quite the evening of understated elegance the name Casa De Carne promises at first glance.

Casa De Carne translates directly to “meat house” and in this restaurant, whatever animal you order from the menu, you slaughter yourself, before it is cooked and served to you. It sounds shocking and barbaric. It’s also entirely made up (ish)/ If you want to see the preview of this movie click here: .

Animal rights organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA) created a two-minute long film set in fictional fancy restaurant Casa De Carne. Eric innocently goes out to eat with friends, he orders the ribs, and all is well until the twist is revealed. He is handed a knife and shut in a room with a pig; if he wants to eat the pig, Eric must first kill it.

Vegan OPTIONS are here and in BIG ways!


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