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Have you ever experience that one of your friends ask you that famous inquiry about veganism…like tell me more about vegan? And it is at this moment when you find yourself with FEW facts about vegan lifestyle …Your mind goes back with the same standard responses. Most of your responses would be in general terms like meat is bad for you, or the 2nd most common response from vegans…”you can get all your protein from plants”, and last the most argumentative respond: animal cruelty!

Yet, your friends are looking at you with a face of disbelief at your comments.  I am sure it has happened to you. Well, thank God veganism is evolving every year with new and improved ways to facilitate this process.  Thanks to technology we finally have a wonderful application that can help with this issue and more… we Welcome VEGAN VOICES!



VEGAN VOICES is the world’s 1st phone application that facilitates your way of communicating in regards to vegan issues.

Yes, this amazing program was developed by a vegan psychologist Clare Mann from Australia. For years, Clare knew that the issue of communication within the vegan community is full of attacks, full of fears and insecurities and through research and techniques she developed program that for 30 days allows you complete a series of training that would empower you to become a savvy individual for your understanding, as well as for you to talk clearly and efficiently about vegan lifestyle and the many benefits to the world.



VEGAN VOICES is being regarded by most as a fantastic application that serves as a training ground for experience as well novice vegans. Just like any other subject, “The longer you are a vegan, the more time you will have to acquire information and resources to have conversations more easily”

In the company website, Clare highlighted that “the majority of vegans find it enormously difficult to calmly communicate veganism when they are feeling emotional about the content or when other people ridicule, criticize or undermine the vegan. Thus, acquiring some proven skills to have difficult conversations across multiple situations is valuable for vegans, wherever they are on the journey”

Clare is also the Co-author of Sydney Vegan Club 30-Day Vegan Challenge

VEGAN VOICES has a great number of sections with links to videos, articles, and films relating to that specific subject. Topics are not limited to the following sections:

  • Animal Social Justice
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Environment
  • Self-Care
  • Celebrating Animals




The application has a basic 30 day program. On your first day the user can watch Day 1 of the Training and access the resources section. 24 hours after your first download, Day 2 will unlock and so on until you have completed all 30 days. Once a day has been unlocked, you will be able to access all previous videos. If you do not unlock a video each day, you will receive a notification reminding you that the new video is available.


Each video contains proven tools and language to improve your ability to talk about veganism. You are encouraged to watch a video and read the short overview before each video. Then read the TIP that outlines the actual generalization skill to the specific issue discussed or ones similar. The more you practice and apply the skills, the sooner you will become more comfortable talking about all aspects of veganism and be a proficient Vegan Voice.

Vegans share with their friend’s videos, articles, books and films that have proved successful in communicating the vegan message. You are invited to submit a link to any resources you have that have found valuable in educating non-vegans so that other people can use them too. You will find a submission form in the Resources Section (and also on this website) where you can easily contribute your suggestions, together with links. All resources are vetted by the Vegan Voices team to ensure they are suitable and to ascertain their rating.

Who should be using this wonderful application?

According to the company:

VEGAN VOICES is for people who are vegan i.e. those whose lives are underpinned by the philosophy of the non-use and exploitation of animals. But the person who will benefit most is the ethical vegan who wants to be the best voice for animals and the solution of veganism.

Individuals who are not vegan also found this application very informative. A tremendous source of unbiased and proven information of the many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables!

Here we have it folks! A fantastic product that you can’t miss it. So, go ahead take a look at their website. Visit vegan Voices and let’s support them. It is time to acquire the application!


The New Vegan Times recommends VEGAN VOICES! A fantastic application and proud to be part of the worldwide deployment from Australia to America!




For more information, Please visit Vegan-Voices website.



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