Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world! 

Allisonnmoon is traveling through out Asia. Her first stop is Tokyo!!!!!!….Allison tell us that a typical size of a one bedroom apartment is normally less than 200 square feet. Hotel rooms are what we might refer as tiny. Uniquely are “Capsule hotels”, they are popular in Japanese cities. Like the name says, you get nothing more than a capsule or a box to sleep in.

Probably the first thing I noticed about Tokyo is, It’s so clean that “if I dropped my food on the floor, I would even pick it up and continue eating. Everything is so shiny there, it almost looks and feels surreal!”

“Yes, vegan food here is awesome!!!…taste different and with more natural flavor then any other place. I recommend it to all my friends!!”

We will continue to report on her adventure in a far, strange land….

Ant & Mai 2

Nothing better than celebrating with my dear friend Mai!!!!

Ant & Mai 3 Beer Toast


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