The Voice Of The Animals

As we prepare for this report, we were wondering how many people Have ever wondered what it would be like to talk with animals? What would they say? What do they think? 

Have you ever wanted to talk with your animal companions, wanted to know what they are thinking, feeling? Wanted to know why they do what they do?

Have you ever wondered? If only animals could talk.

It is possible, we truly can talk with animals.

Meet real life Dr. Dolittle, Claudia Hehr, the “Voice of the Animals”.

Claudia Hehr truly has dedicated her life to animals. Since early childhood she has had a very special connection with animals. She somehow just ‘knew’ what the animals were thinking, and what was going on in the lives of the dogs, cats, horses, birds, insects, and all the other species that she saw and met. 

Claudia’s life long dream was to be able to talk with animals. She started her own business so that she could adopt and bring her dog companions to work. She wanted to come to North America where animals like cougars, bears, wolves and eagles were still roaming and soaring free and to work with animals to make their lives better. To fulfill this dream, Claudia left a very promising career with one of Europe’s largest corporations and became a domestic helper in Canada where she worked hard for many years to get her open work permit.

Ever since, Claudia has been a trendsetter. Her business, Dogs’ Paradise Inc., was a dog walking, training, and animal sitting agency – a service not too many people even knew existed back then. Soon after, she realized that there was a real need for a safe place where people could bring their dogs during the day if the need arose, for example, on moving day, during renovations, etc.

In 1992, Claudia opened Canada’s first official dog day care centre. In the beginning, she wasn’t even allowed to call it a dog day care because there were no by-laws for such a business. Claudia’s hard work, dedication, and special touch with animals made the dog day care a huge success, and in no time at all, she had hired five employees.

By this time, many other dog day care centres had opened, so the service now seemed like a trend rather then a necessity. Claudia closed the doors of her day care, and stepped full time into her calling as an animal communicator. Hardly anyone had ever heard about telepathic animal communication back then.

Now Claudia truly is “The Voice of the Animals”™. For almost two decades she has been helping clients all around the world who come to her to find out what their animal companions need. By using her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, she assists in areas as diverse as behavior issues, wellness issues, traumas, fears and many other areas, and also reconnects people with their animal family members who have left their physical bodies. Claudia is not only a translator between animals and humans; the connection goes much further. She is actually a part of their beings. This gives Claudia the advantage of an incredible depth of insight, knowledge and understanding of animals. Not only can Claudia feel and know physically what’s going on with animals, having no separation from animals really makes her understand animals’ behaviors, reasoning and actions like no one else.

Claudia’s other incredible ability is to identify the higher purpose, and therefore the true meaning of circumstances and events for many animals and the guardians in their lives. She has helped many people change the lives of their animal companions, and their own lives, for the better. 

She is eminently qualified and experienced in the field of telepathic communication. Not only does she communicate with animals in physical and non-physical form, she also communicates with people in physical and non-physical form, as well as with plants, and nature.

Claudia is now recognized worldwide. She has appeared on numerous television networks such as the Discovery Channel and has been profiled on international radio broadcasts and in newspapers and magazines like Animal Wellness, Modern Dog, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Life. Claudia has also been the featured expert at many events.

The author of several books like “If Only Animals Could Talk…“, Dog Guardians’ Pocket Guide of Training Commands, and Breakfast, Dinner and Everything in Between, Claudia is also the president of Hehr Communications Inc.

In 2015 Claudia embarked on a Cross Canada tour to bring awareness to the fact that we can really talk with animals and to help homeless animals to find forever homes.

Currently, Claudia is located in Ontario, Canada. However due to the fact that telepathy has no distance restrictions, Claudia’s clientele expands across the entire globe.

The New Vegan Times thanks Claudia for providing us such a wonderful report and for trying to understand and love our animals. As we have always declared in this site, animals have right’s too!

If you would like to contact Claudia and or want to find out more about all the wonderful things she does, please visit her website


Phone: 519-833-2382





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