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OK, Vegan is recognized and Welcome!

Well, we are finally seeing real results of so many contributions by famous and not so famous people, who advocated alone “in the desert”, of vegan lifestyle.  Not long ago, just mentioning the word VEGAN was enough to label YOU as extremist. It was very common to say about vegans:  too much of it! But […]

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Happy Holidays and Beyond 2018…

As we move into a new year, we always try to predict the events of the coming year. Sometimes, we do it successfully. While others, not so. Because of that I am not going to tell you what will happen. Instead, I will tell you that many things are in favor of seeing an increase […]

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In 2011, Allison N Torres, set the foundation for what today we know as The New Vegan Times Magazine. She gave us the blue print and since then we have been writing about vegan lifestyle. A few months ago we sat with Allison and interviewed her in regards to her career. For a while we […]

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Briskbars Packed with Energy

Briskbars is a new kind of energy bar. Briskbars is especially developed for those who need an extra source of energy but do not wish to fill their bodies with chemicals and preservatives. The energy comes from natural guarana caffeine and maca. No added sugars, obscure chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives common to so much of […]

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