So many people have successfully cured almost all ailments while on this lifestyle.

And, for reasons that make sense.

Raw Till 4 is a lifestyle, not a diet. It entails raw fruits and greens (mainly fruits) until 4PM. Hence the raw till 4. It is recommended to consume 800+ calories during breakfast and 800+ calories during lunch. For dinner, a cooked high carb meal is essential.

The goal is to aim for a 90/5/5 ratio -90% carbohydrates, 5% fats and 5% protein.

Oil is most definitely not recommended on this lifestyle. And drinking plenty of water is a must.

Trust the thousands that follow this Vegan lifestyle, it’s not tough, it just takes time when it comes to healing your body. You will feel the best you have ever felt in your life, if you follow it correctly.

If you think money is an issue, don’t fret. There are ways to make this lifestyle possible.

But don’t just take it from us! Check out Freelee The Banana Girl! She’s the girl you want to talk to.┬áNot only is her E-Book ultra helpful, she is also available for advice via her site.

“It takes time”. -Freelee The Banana Girl

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