A few months ago we were referred to a wonderful company in the USA who has been a front runner in the vegan industry. After a few texts back and forth we came out with the following report.

Olsenhaus was created to illustrate plundering, cruelty, and greed are not synonymous with true style. The mission was to merge passions for design, fashion, function and being a voice for animals, the environment, transparent business practices and unwavering values in ethical and social responsibilities. By promoting consciousness and awareness Olsenhaus is a pioneer in changing the fashion industry and the mainstream perception of veganism, showing how easy it is to lead a compassionate lifestyle without sacrifice in luxury or style.

Today, trailblazing exposure and education on the leather industry and consciousness are the main focus of Olsenhaus.


We want to know the person. Tell us who you are? Who is the person behind the business?

Who am I….I am an evolved soul, holding the light on planet earth. Everything I do carries this energy


How did you arrive to the concept of a Cruelty free business (shoes/fashion)?

I love to create things that are functional, clothing was natural choice for me, coming from an art background, it’s functional art we use every day.

I officially became a vegetarian at 15, but knew there was something wrong with the relationship between humans and animals long before that as a child…

I went into art, design and styling working in these industries for many years

It was at the height of my career as a Creative Director for a large fashion brand, that learned about leather production and personally witnessed its damaging effects on the workers and environment…this coupled with already not eating animals-it was a no-brainer to merge the two.

At the time, there was one high end expensive designer vegan brand and less expensive cheaply made shoes that just happen to be vegan, not based on ethics…

There was no in between, quality, classic brand that spoke about cruelty to animals and explained leather. So, I created one!


Cruelty free fashion is extremely important for you. How much of an impact have you seen since you started your business?

I have seen eco-fashion have surges and backlashes. it is in fact the future, but the entire consciousness of how clothes are viewed must change…

The ethics of who made the clothes, where, why and out of what, must become more important than keeping up with a trend, creating this never ending cycle of disposable items, making people slaves, murdering animals and polluting the environment

The impact of my company has been noticeable, it has been in nearly every magazine domestically and lots internationally… it has been a fight and a lot of educating…and there is so much more to do….


What have been the most difficult part of running Olsen Haus (lessons you have learned).

Most difficult part has been learning to pace myself and be patient, which I don’t like to be. I don’t see how changing should be so slow….humanity is very slow an dense! a lot of waiting for people to wake up.

Also having to repeat the message The same story and educating on leather—over and over…


Which five cities in the USA are your products BEST received?

California as a whole and New York, NY


Do you work / partner with other vegan entrepreneurs? If yes, who?

I work with several all vegan stores and recently did a small collaboration with Vickery.com…and working on a project with vegan kitchen in Switzerland and a few other projects.

Olsenhaus has done a lot in the past, and continues to donate product for animal organizations event auctions!


Veganism is being on the market for a few years now, how do you see it today? Good and not so good things.

I’ve watched veganism grow slowly over the last 20 years..its hit a surge in the food department as eating animals has been linked with health issues, losing weight, performance, etc….which is good in a way-less people eating them. However, the underlying problem still exists of the human ego. Separating itself and appointing itself as higher than other beings when it fact humans are of equal to lower consciousness than animals.

So until the shift in the mass consciousness is reached…not all that much has been accomplished

Still only 1-2%of the entire population is vegan

spring 2016

As far as vegan fashion, I feel it will be the next wave, trending as hard as food is….it really has not reached any kind of acceleration to make it into mainstream stores to replace the items already there…and stay long term

Selling vegan items to vegans is wonderful but selling vegan items to non-vegans is the real work


What are the future plans for Olsen Haus? (USA and Abroad)

Right now I am writing a book on consciousness, and future plans for Olsenhaus are just expansion into different categories and developing a larger presence in mainstream

What matters most is each individual raising their vibrational frequency. This will attract the mass consciousness to the message.


After all the message is one of love and peace


Engaging in arguing, attacking, commenting, etc., lowers your frequency and nothing is accomplished…so rise above the noise and ego is the one thing I’d say………


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