OK, Vegan is recognized and Welcome!

Well, we are finally seeing real results of so many contributions by famous and not so famous people, who advocated alone “in the desert”, of vegan lifestyle.  Not long ago, just mentioning the word VEGAN was enough to label YOU as extremist. It was very common to say about vegans:  too much of it!

But thanks to so many people who have labor to get us where we are today. THANKS to those who have worked and those who will work to reach new goals. Veganism is here …and here to stay. Make no doubt, the next generation to come is already prepared to eat less meat and more vegetables, fruits etc.

The world is still young, and there is too much to change. And as social group (vegans), we just missed a golden opportunity.

Yes, the world has been in a state of zombies when it comes to a sport like soccer / football. What is consider bigger than the Olympics, bigger than any other sport. Soccer shines for an entire month. Worldwide advertisement for 30 consecutive days. You are talking entire nations ending their work early enough to allow employees to watch a national team. Millions of advertisements all happening at once. The immense sheer size of an audience and the VEGAN community has not made its appearance yet. This opportunity only happens every 4 years.  Almost like a comet circling the earth in  a cycle of 4 years.

The vegan community need to prepare and organize for the year 2022. We need to make sure that as far as making a worldwide impact we can reach continents in a single soccer game. I think as a community our advertisement can reach millions, billions of people with one ad. No wonder Coca Cola knows it well and is proud sponsor of events such as FIFA world cup.

Let’s organize and get ready for the next cup so we can tell the whole world, that animals are not for food (dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens), need to live not in confined cages, not in slaughter houses. Animals are not for sports, nor for circus events.

We should be able to state a clear and precise argument to our worldwide audience that hunting is not a sport. Nor a tusk should be considered worthy to be display in Facebook, or at home. On the contrary, we should start teaching people of the cruelty and suffering that animals must live for our arrogant lifestyle. Shame should be brought to any individual, or entity that fosters, or supports such actions.

We should be able to stand together as a single front and make the difference in this world.

Soccer is a wonderful sport, and provides us a perfect place for us -VEGANS-  to let the world know that social and media vegan revolution is just starting. So, The New Vegan Times encourages all to become active and support this idea.

Can VEGANS stand up and make the difference in the next world cup event?




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