Nothing else but BEER!

I am not a beer drinker, nor I like to promote it, except if it is vegan. However, we recently came across an interesting topic and we thought maybe we should share it with our audience and see what YOU think.

For the 1st time that we come across a woman becoming a powerful house critic in an environment that has been predominantly managed by a male culture. We support equality and strongly believe that The.Hoptometrist program that is been developed by this lady needs our support. A beer expert from a woman’s perspective!

I want you to realize each commercial that you have ever watched in your life time. Think how many times have you see beer programs exclusively run by a female host?


Or, who are the most known experts in the beer industry? Am I right by saying—99% guys!

Has the beer world ever taken into consideration perspectives like taste and preferences from a woman’s view? Or, just plainly, it is a men’s side and the rest have to either agree, accept it, or ….Nothing.

Well, here it comes Allison and her desire to become a top hoptometrist in the USA (maybe even the world). I have not really heard the word, hoptometrist until reacently. So, If you are like me let me tell you Allison’s own definition of what she does:

“I educate the occasional consumer and enthusiasts on all things beer related.”

She is developing her entire program from the very heart of New York City and is getting a lot of support from the locals. Not only is she getting lots of attention and respect from the BIG city, but also from Miami and LA. Not bad for a lady from Hackensack, New Jersey.

Some major beer companies have already indicated their hesitation to see a female perspective, but others (who really care about decent life!), are encouraging her to continue. They are smart and savvy investors who are looking to the statistics of beer consumption.

Come on — All beer drinkers tend to have girlfriends, wife’s, significant others, who also drink beer. Their happiness and support is important in the decision process! So, why not to include their perspective? The time is here for a major change and we are encouraging ALL of our readers to support Allison in this endeavor. Her success is our success!

Please visit, subscribe and HELP to promote this business venture from a female’s perspective. Share Allison’s sites with all your friends and make the difference today!




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