Josie Du Plessis: Vegan Bodybuilding, Spiritual Healing And Her Journey

josieHow has veganism impacted your mental health and physical health in the long run?

I am a very spiritual person, being an energy healer, crystal healer and holistic therapist,  veganism has help me develop myself even further. I have fallen deeper in love with our beautiful world and all the amazing creatures on it. I will do everything in my power to help protect them and our environment! I feel much cleaner, non toxic being Vegan, and, my health has never been better.

I have many intolerances that are now under control which is actually amazing for me. My recovery is better from my training and my sleep is of much better quality too. Thus, helping my training also. My skin and hair condition has improved dramatically too.

What was the turning point that made you become vegan?

I have been a celiac for over 20 years, and, due to silicone poisoning from a ruptured breast implant over the past 4 years -I became lactose intolerant. On top of that, I’ve become intolerant to many other foods and spices, so I have a limited list of foods that I can actually tolerate. I had wanted to turn vegetarianism and then vegan for many years but Barny wasn’t ready… I  lived off of egg whites and prawns for alot of my competition prep phases.
But even then found it really hard to stomach…I love animals more than people and just could do it any more.
However the real change was when we became enlightened…. into the horrific atrocities of the farming industries, the manufacturing of animals to be murdered, and the over all process for consumption. When we realised what actually happening…the pain, the fear, the sadness and terror that these poor animals go through for gluttony and greed of humans…it makes me sick!

So from that day, over 1 year ago, we never touched animal products ever again  And, eliminated them from our clothing, toiletries, cleaning products etc.

We were also appalled on the impact these industries have on the environment…so our change was backed up further to help save the world too. We see the health benefits as a bonus for ourselves.

Who has inspired you the most?

My personal journey from an obese unfit lady at 30 , to UK Strongest Woman in 2010, to No. 10 at the Universe in Hamburg in Ladies Physique. It’s unlike anyone else, but I have been inspired by old school female bodybuilders such as -Lenda Murray, Juliet Bergman, as well as Wonder Woman, and of course Princess Xena when I was growing up.

What is your training routine-current?

Currently off-season training:

4 weight sessions a week spilt into:
SATURDAY -Shoulders, Abs and Calves
MONDAY Glutes and Hams ( fortnightly add in Quads)
TUESDAY – Chest, Obliques and Tris
WEDNESDAY – Back, Abs and Bis

4 x 30 mins cardio sessions a week on bike or Xtrainer

As well as 2 dog walks everyday with our gorgeous rescue dogs Dennis and Merlin.

What is your current diet (macros , cheat days?)

Everything we eat is Organic and GMO Free, Gluten Free and Vegan.

My Off season diet consists of:

Protein Smoothie after training
(Apple, Watercress, Rocket, Cue, Carrot , Moringa, Chia Seed, Baobab and Vivo Sport Perform Protein)

Rice Flakes and Mixed seeds with Vivo Sport Perform Protein

Quinoa, Hempseeds and Salad

Quinoa, Hempseeds and Steamed Veggies

Rice Flakes and Mixed seeds with Vivo Sport Perform Protein

Protein 120g
Carbs 250g
Fats 50g
Calories 1900

I make amazing food from scratch so I know what’s in it and that I wont be glutinized!! I can veganise most recipes -awesome vegan brownies, vegan Bakewell tarts, vegan banana bread and Barnys favourite Vegan pizza. I also love roasted parsnips and sweet potatoes too .

What advice can you give for aspiring female Vegan bodybuilders?

Follow your dreams, it can be done, we have proved it. Do your research very well, so you know what to eat and when – this way you’ll do it right! Plan for success .

Veganism in America is gaining more acceptance with women. Any suggestions/advice that you can share with us?

Veganism is the Future. Join the Vegan Revolution my friends. Together we can change the world and stop the atrocities, the barbaric behaviour that is happening to the animals, the world and the environment…We are the change.

What would you like to be working with? Tell us about your future plans?

We are just about to move to the beautiful Island of Malta to set up a new business -Powers of the Universe- where by I will be offering products and services all related to the healing powers that the universe provides through the 5 senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. From aromatherapy to flower remedies to colour therapy to crystals, to herbs, to art and music. As well as my handmade crystal jewellery with silver clay and resin.

Your final thoughts.

Everyone is here in this World for a purpose. Listen to your Higher Self and find your true life path , then live your true life with joy and laughter. You can make a difference. We can make a difference together.

josie 2Josies Competitions to date:
2010 1st Place UK Strongest Woman
2010 2nd Place Britains Strongest Woman

2011 1st Place UKBFF Midlands Classic Female Bodybuilding
2011 6th Place UKBFF British Finals Female Bodybuilding

2012 8th Place IFBB Arnold Madrid Classic Ladies Physique

2013 3rd Place NABBA England Trained Figure
2013 7th Place NABBA UK Trained Figure
2013 4th Place NAC UK Ladies Physique
2013 10th Place NAC Universe Ladies Physique

2014 2nd Place NABBA England Trained Figure
2014 NABBA Universe Qualified
2014 6th Place NABBA UK Trained Figure




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