January 2017

As we enter into 2017, is worth we take a good look at the good, the bad and the worst of last year.

Our first publication from last year was the beginning of a long path for us at TNVT. Interviewing Gary Yourofsky gave us a tremendous push to be recognized as an acceptable magazine. For sure doors were opened and the rest of the year was full of amazing people not only from the USA but from the rest of the world. All we can say is THANKS!

We are still facing some challenges and hope that this year, TOGETHER we will reach new and higher levels of growth. We are expanding and searching for volunteers in all areas. So, if you feel you want to contribute to animals, health, environmental issues by all means contact us. Do not hesitate as there is so, so much to do. We are looking to work with more and more companies, people who are REAL and not just searching for profit margins.

Veganism is more, more than eating right…it expands into most human areas and we think is time for you to join us in this vegan revolution!

In the USA, we had an unusual year of elections. Mr. Trump won an election in spite of the fact that most Americans rejected his ideas. How he got elected is an issue for many years to come. Some would blame FBI Director, others would say the Russians. At the very end, no one has the truth! The only real and significant thing is that we have a new elected president and time will tell, if he will give the best results.  Better yet no one will remember most of these events by next January 2018. Life goes on!

Our editor saw a publication done by CNN. They did an outstanding report on what really matters. And to us, more than money, more than fame, what really matters is the quality of life we live, and if we are going to be alive we need to do some adjustments. Climate changes are a reality of our times.

If you care enough for your pets, your natural environment, the water in the rivers, lakes, and environmental pollution, then it is time to embrace changes. It is time to look Back in 2015 when the nations of the world came together and express the world condition at a meeting held in France. Most, if not all countries, voted for an immediate stop of all agricultural practices, for illegal farming, for the killing of different species etc. etc.  Society must give a step forward and make the difference. More recently CNN prepared a fantastic report about this subject. We found it to be so clear, that we are taking the liberty to show you a summary of the best:










HUMAN population keeps growing and IS EXPLODING!



BESS HELP POLLINATE 35% of the world’s food


Wildlife Crime



Do you love elephants?


According to CNN report 9 Million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. What this represents is to dump one garbage truck full of plastic into the water every minute. Can you imagine that?





Switch to rapidly cleaner energy resources.


Stop farm encroachment



Here we have an awesome report made by CNN. We share the same values, the same feeling and we encourage, YOU, our readers to support changes. We live in a world where all need to do our part. We are giving you the insight into this huge problem that humanity is facing today. It is up to us to listen and to help alleviate these painful situations. We have faith in you- the public!

Thank You!



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