Half of 2019…..

       “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” -”

                                ― Michael Altshuler. Like.

We began this journey in 2011 and it seems almost as yesterday. At that moment saying the word vegan was not popular, nor the concept of eating organic and natural products. But the years are moving a lot faster today and even famous magazines like Forbes wrote an interesting article on December 31, 2019 with a headline saying:

Everything Is Ready To Make 2019 The “Year Of The Vegan”. Are you?

We are already  pass half the year and we ask YOU (our readers), to consider the changes that we have seeing during the last decade. Think about ethical and moral standards that we are slowly but surely embracing. Of course, there is always a remnant who would argue and reject common sense. But this is always a small minority. Always a group of people who are so stubborn that they denied and said there is nothing wrong killing and abusing animals.

But the reality is that as time goes by more individuals are embracing positive changes. More individuals acknowledge that climate changes are affecting our lifestyle. More individuals are declaring that something must be done to improve our quality of life, as well as those for our pets, and for mother nature. This subject is of a lot of controversial issues. And perhaps, as long as we (humans), think selfishly we would never come to terms. Some individuals would never accept that animals have rights. And for sure, people  would fight the concept that climate changes are just NORMAL changes of our planet earth.

Veganism is not just about eating right.

Nor is limited to plant food.

It goes beyond!

It entails animals, earth climate changes, as well as our behavior and responsibilities in this planet (plants, oceans and animals). It also includes what affects our health.

And who can denied these truths? Only stubborn and close minded individuals.

The rest —we are moving into vegan lifestyle. We welcome articles that deal with this subject. Vegan impact today we can clearly see it, just like we did in 2011. We are growing in the right direction. And 2019, is indeed the “Year of the Vegan”. Let’s see how the rest of the year will bring new surprises to all of us

. The New Vegan Times would like to make some futuristic predictions. Fall of this 2019, will present vegan options for all of us. Don’t be surprise when stores will start to sell items clearly labeled as vegan, or supporters of vegan lifestyle. Expect and demand ethical responsibilities from our farmers, our cloths designers, or jeweler designers. Finally, we can expect toy makers to indicate clearly that their products contain natural products. That is the least we should expect. And that is not mentioning companies that make substantial profits selling products for dogs, cats, birds etc..

Do you know see what we have been saying for a few years? Veganism is in. And let’s welcome this second half of 2019, as Forbes declared: Make 2019 The “Year Of The Vegan”.


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