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Oliver Foley  & Massachusetts Down Syndrome Boston 2017

Once in a while we see a story that really shakes our hearts. And Oliver Foley story is one of a kind. One that inspire us to help spread the news and to make the difference. We are taking ALL of it and want to share it with you – the public. We think that together we can make the difference. Finally, we encourage you to visit their site and to make a contribution for a worthy cause. Below you will find the information as it appear under FoxNews – health section.

“An expectant father will race through the streets of Boston on Marathon Monday in honor of his unborn daughter who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 11 weeks gestation. Oliver Foley and his wife, Kinnon, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, are getting ready to welcome daughter Tenley into the world next month, and want her to know from the very start that she can achieve anything”


Oliver is doing this race in honor of his unborn daughter.

“About six weeks after the diagnosis, the idea struck me — this would be my best opportunity to run a marathon,” Foley told ABC News. “I learned the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC) had one bib left. It felt like it was meant to be.”

The couple had been referred to the MDSC first-call program after Tenley’s diagnosis so that they could connect with other parents facing a new Down syndrome diagnosis and find information and resources that would be helpful to them, ABC News reported. Once Foley joined the organization’s marathon team, he set a a fundraising goal of $15,000

“What we want for her is nothing different than what any parent wants for any child,” Kinnon told ABC News. “We want her to feel happy and loved by her community.”

To find more information about this family and the race, please visit their website (as we took the liberty to print their welcoming story and share it with you here ). See a link at the bottom of this story.

BENEFITING: Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

ORGANIZER: Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

EVENT: 2017 Boston Marathon

EVENT DATE: Apr 17, 2017

“First of all, THANK YOU for visiting my page.  For many of you, this might seem like déjà vu to the last time I ran a marathon and asked for your support.  For me, however, this time feels different because of how personal this cause is to Kinnon and me.  As some of you might know, Kinnon and I are excited to welcome our first child in a few short months: a baby girl we are naming Tenley.  Kinnon is excited to finally have someone to watch Patriots games with and I’m thrilled to have a new running partner as I become the guy pushing a stroller on my morning runs.

11 weeks into the pregnancy, we learned that Tenley has Down syndrome.  Like most children, she will learn to walk, talk, and play.  As she grows up, she will learn math, science, and history, she’ll play sports, and go to the prom.  As an adult, she will experience the many ups and downs of life that we all face and she will become a valued member of her community.  Along the way, however, she will need an extra hand and frankly, as parents, so will we.  Whether it be access to the right medical care, specialized educational resources, or someone willing to advocate for her, we know that the additional support she receives will help her thrive and live the life that every parent hopes for their child.

That is why we feel so lucky to have been connected with Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC), whose mission is to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome are valued, included, and given the opportunity to pursue fulfilling lives.  MDSC strives to do this by providing extensive information and a network of resources to families like ours, while also acting as unwavering advocates for people with Down syndrome.  In fact, we have already benefited from MDSC in a number of ways, most important among them is the way in which they guided us through the mixed emotions that came with the diagnosis.  They showed us just how bright Tenley’s future will be and that no matter what obstacles she faces, she will always have the dedicated people at MDSC in her corner.  MDSC also connected us with other parents who emphasized that the most powerful force in helping Tenley realize her potential will be the unconditional love and support of her family, extended family, and the broader community. Knowing that, we cannot express in words how grateful we are for your support of this cause and for the support you have already shown Kinnon and me on this journey that’s just beginning.

Finally, while supporting this cause has recently taken on a new meaning, it is one that has always been close to our hearts as Kinnon’s late uncle Chris had Down syndrome.  Knowing the profound impact that he had on the lives of people that knew him, we are humbled that Tenley will get to continue his legacy and, due to an amazing twist of fate, she is due on his birthday, May 3rd.  Therefore, with your support, I am excited to run the Boston Marathon in honor and anticipation of Tenley McCall Foley and in loving memory of Christopher Coleman McCall.


Oliver and Kinnon”







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