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In 2011, two friends Vander Areosa and Caio Costa saw a natural product in jungles of Brazil as a wonderful opportunity to present to the world. Since then, the company has grown substantially and is now setting their eyes to the rest of America. For us, in the United States we have seen Acai. However,we have never experience the FULL 100% frozen acai that these two friends developed only a few years ago. The New Vegan Times welcomes excellent vegan and natural companies!

We are proud to present this company from Brazil!


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Welcome to our digital magazine. For most Americans the name Acai seems strange, yet interesting. Please GIVE us a quick description of what Acai is?

Vander Areosa – Açaí is a fruit the Amazon region, which you extract the pulp to make açaí juice and use as a basis for other products.


Acai Tree


It has many beneficial nutrients for health, such as addition of carbohydrates, also provides fiber, protein, lipids and good amounts of vitamins C, E, B1 and B2 . It also contains iron, calcium and phosphorus. An important information is that the fat in açaí resembles that of olive oil, that is good for the entire cardiovascular system.

Açaí has become more commercialized in Brazil for th last 20 years. In other countries it began to get known just four years ago. In Brazil the cities that most consume açaí are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belem.


Tell us your company story. We want to know How did you start and when?


VA – Açaí no Ponto was born in 2011 with the idea to take a quick and healthy food to the universities. The company is formed by two partners, me (Vander Areosa) graduated in Science of Computer and Caio Costa in marketing.

That same year we built an innovative kiosk that referred to a gourd (utensil used in the Amazon cuisine) where people usually consume açaí.

In 2012 we turned the project in franchise and in June the same year we participated in the ABF Franchising Expo, one of the largest fair in the franchises’ world.

And after that we sold more than 30 operations in the country.

Acai Top Frozen Cover

The company has grown, and today the Açaí no Ponto is divided into franchise and industry that feeds our entire network.


Have you seen a rise in demand of your products?

VA – Açaí is already widely consumed in the United States. And our goal is to meet this demand and open at least 05 units, plus the ones in Florida cities such as Miami. We also have prospects to open in Europe.

Even with a high demand for the franchise we have a filter to evaluate potential franchisees. We analyze among other things, whether the candidate has entrepreneurial profile and whether can become a partner of our company.

Acai no ponto 5 chocolate glass


Our audience is NOT limited just to the vegan community. We also have vegetarians and meat eaters. But most of our audience have one thing in common: we love healthy and natural products. How would you describe Acai for this new potential market in the USA!

VA – Açaí is considered a super food in the US. It is a non fattening product, it accelerates metabolism and generates other benefits. One example is the high-level athletes who already consume açaí as it is an excellent source of energy.

Açaí is most known in the hottest regions of US like Florida and California , I imagine that soon açaí will widespread in the US as it is in Brazil. Today, we realized the accession of the American public to consume products made from açai and it’s only going to grow.

Acai no ponto 4 glass


How many franchises do you currently have in Brazil? Are you expecting a substantial increase in the next 3 to 5 years?

VA – In Brazil , the Açaí no Ponto has 52 operations running. Our goal is not only to increase the mix of our operations, but also grow in number of operations. We want to reach 300 units in Brazil and other countries.

Acai no ponto 3 store


If Açaí No Ponto is considering opening stores, or selling franchises in the USA market which cities are you considering?

VA –  Florida and California as the first states to open the stories. But then we want to open in other states.


Your final thoughts in regards to this interview?

VA – Açaí no Ponto franchise is one of the pioneers in Brazil. We are the first operation specialized in açaí served quickly, in about 45 seconds  the cliente take his/hers cup of açaí.

To become a franchisee, in addition to the capital, the candidate must have the entrepreneurial profile and have commitment to the business. You need to take time also to manage. The investment needed to a franchise store is between 50 and 60 thousand dollars.


Acai no ponto 6 plate


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